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Samnie Coleman, a good friend of Fearlessly Living and the creator of Thrift_Ventures, will be taking over the creative post for this month. She is a longtime thrifter and was ecstatic to share some of her ideas with all of you fearless folks, ENJOY! 




I created Thrift_Ventures because I want to share my ideas and findings with others and inspire them to create beautiful outfits without having to spend a fortune. Thrifting, to me,  is all about using your creativity to find great pieces that come together to make an outfit standout. It is all about self-expression and individuality.

I started thrifting around the age of 10 with my mother. My fascination for thrifting grew around my freshman year of college. The first thing I do when I thrift is set a budget for myself. Secondly, I look around at the different isles to see where everything is located. I take my time in each section searching for bold colors and patterns that stand out. Afterward, I try each outfit on to see if it complements my figure and my complexion.

My favorite places to thrift are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Park Avenue Thrift, Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. The first thing I look for when thrifting is the price of each garment, the patterns, bold colors, sequins, and the quality of the fabric.

In the future, I would like to create a YouTube channel that focuses on thrifting and lifestyle. I also would like to collaborate with other thrifters as well.

Below you will find two of my recent finds and how I styled them. I hope you get inspired!!

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IMG_2389The skirt was actually a set, however, I decided to match it with something completely different.  I love how it came out, especially with the orange bandeau.

Skirt: $4.50

#mixandmatch #becreative



IMG_2363“Be Bold”⚡️

I absolutely love how versatile and bold this suit is. I was lucky enough to find a suit that fit perfectly and complemented my figure. I love the detail and the cut of the blazer, great find for such a good price.

Location: Goodwill in Gainesville, Ga

Price: $10.45 for both piece