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Name: Lindsay “Blu” Alston

Age: 25

Occupation: Personal Trainer and Media Personality/Model



How I am Living Fearlessly: A little over a year ago I left my job at AT&T because I was completely unhappy with how my life was going. I thought to myself if I’m going to struggle I might as well do it while doing what I love to do instead of something that only paid bills. So I went on a soul-searching journey over the past year and discovered more about myself than I can honestly say I’d like to know (lol). However, everything I’ve learned about myself and am learning is only to further my success.

While soul searching,  I discovered that I am more of an outdoors person than I thought.  It has now become my go-to place when I need to relax, clear my head or make decisions. During this journey I also discovered Blu. Blu is who I am, Lindsay is who my parents wanted me to be. I feel like in life we can either stick to how our parents raised us and become who they wanted us to be; or we can say forget it and discover who we are by figuring out what we like, want, love out of life for ourselves.


Blue was always my favorite color, but blue became a nickname because no one could remember my actual name. Blue; the color means wisdom, trust, loyalty and intelligence, those are the qualities of my personality. Blu is just the better version of myself that I want to be because I’m happier. I feel that Blu is more of who I am than Lindsay. Blu is all about me finding myself without fear of what my parents or peers may think.

I paid attention to the signs and I don’t think Blu sticking as my nickname is a coincidence. It is my name because it’s who I chose to become. Blu is who I am, Lindsay is who my parents wanted me to be and I decided to live for me.  I don’t think that I would’ve truly become ‘Blu’ had I stayed at my job and remained unhappy.


Personal Training came after soul-searching, it was when I realized I’ve been into fitness since college. Not consistently, but it has always been a part of me. I one day deiced to longer be trained and I become the trainer. Spending more time working on me helped me focus on becoming a better trainer. I don’t think I would’ve done it if I really didn’t give myself time to feel it out.


I never thought I’d become a personal trainer or be asked to model for various brands like Brittany DeShields, These Pink Lips, ETan Boh, etc. or even interviewing entertainers like Ms. Cat, Apollo Ali, Beano, Bri Steves and so much more.


Modeling is probably the only thing I battle with doing and deciding if I like it or not because I am a little uncomfortable being “super girly”.  However, I do it because I am beautiful, I have the body for it and the people want to see it.

All of this is because I’m going against the grain of what I was taught. I am not saying I ignored everything I was taught, but my parent’s fears aren’t mine. What I want to be in life, isn’t what they chose to be in their life. I’m becoming the women I’m supposed to become now. As a child, I thought I would have a stable 9 to 5, a nice car, a home and a man by now but the way God has been working in my life, I’m starting to realize I’ll be bigger, better and happier.

I am living fearlessly by taking more risks. I’m discovering myself. I’m learning to do what makes me happy. More importantly, I am learning to be ME! I’m so much happier (still broke), but the experiences I’ve had, lessons I’ve learned and risk I’ve taken…it’s all worth it. This is just an outline to point me in the right direction.


…I’m lit, I’ve always been lit. I’m just starting to realize how lit I really am” –  Blu