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Name: Chantale Belefanti

Age: 29

Occupation: Owner, Eve Lawrence Boutique




How I am Living Fearlessly:  In 2016, I took a risk and decided to jump. It was all or nothing for me. For years, I wanted to open an online boutique but didn’t start my business due to financial reasons. Last year, I finally decided to take a risk and live out my dream. I started an online boutique with my cousin in November of 2016 and name it after our grandmother, Eve Lawrence. Eve Lawrence Boutique has been the best decision I have ever made.

I saw something that was missing. I wanted to bring back the classy and sophisticated look back to our women and that is what we do at Eve Lawrence Boutique. We provide clothes for the modern working girl who wants to always look chic and elegantWe are in our first year and making it!

When I decided to no longer live in fear, I stopped allowing society put a label on when we should be successful and how we should get there. There is no blueprint to success. It is not about talent but more about effort and consistency. I have been able to open up Eve Lawrence Boutique and enroll into graduate school to pursue a career in journalism. I no longer live in fear and I’ve become more creative. I have more goals I know I will achieve

What keeps me going is my willingness to prove to young black girls that black women are strong powerful despite what picture society tries to paint. My son motivates me the most. I am responsible for how he views black women and I try to set the bar high. Since I decided to live fearlessly, I seek God first and I am not afraid of a challenge. I’ve come to enjoy life more!

My advice to anyone who has a dream is to come up with a plan take the risk and never give up! My company is growing and I’m happyI now understand that fear will not stop me from my goals only I can stop me from achieving my goals.


Don’t be afraid to jump. You’re worth the risk! -Chantale Belefanti


Below you will find some of the best sellers from Eve Lawrence Boutique.