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What are you worried about you’re a girl you can just marry (insert a guy’s name here).

Why is it still so hard for some to believe that a woman can be just as good or even better than a man at doing ANYTHING, not just cooking and cleaning. We should be at a time in our lives where we don’t limit ourselves to the prehistoric idea of “a woman’s place” or “a man’s job”.

Being a feminist to me means being able to achieve any and everything my male counterparts can. It is not at all about male bashing or man-hating, It is about the empowerment of women. It’s about breaking the glass ceiling and going beyond societies idea of what a woman can do or cannot do.

UnknownAccording to CNN Money, full-time working women are only earning the same pay that men earned the year before. Women are only earning 80 cents of every dollar men earn, over the years the percentages are rising but it is happening way too slowly, about 3cents per year. There are many factors that play a role in this like education, age, work type and of course race, but the fact that a gap even exists at all is unbearable. “The gender pay gap is much larger among African American and Hispanic female workers. Hispanic women made 54 cents for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man earned, which means they will lose more than a million dollars over a 40-year career based on today’s wage gap, according to the NWLC.”


 With God on my side, oh honey, you better believe I am flying high through that glass ceiling and I am not shooting for the stars like a cheap cliche, OH NO! There is an entire galaxy out there and I vow to spend my life exploring it in my 6in Jimmy Choo. –Doc. Martin♥

This is an up hail battle that women face each day in the workforce and it is the time we fight against it. We are not just good for childbearing, cooking, cleaning, and most definitely not just sexual tools. We are intelligent, strong, resilient, and we are here to stay. What man do you know that is able to carry children, keep the home intact and excel in their career? ………RIGHT!


I do not NEED a man to change the light bulb or reach the tip top shelves. I have a stool for that (haha). I do, however, WANT someone around that is willing to save me some extra time by doing those things. That is another thing that is also very empowering; being able to choose who I want in my space and when is vital to me.  It is not about needing someone to do those things but instead wanting them to be there and sharing your space with them. It is an equal partnership, not man and servant.


I can slay my own dragons, but the occasional partner in defense can be nice.