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UnknownAs the year is coming to an end with only a few weeks left, what better time to discuss second chances. People say you don’t get too many second chances in life. I disagree. Every time you go to bed with the moon and wake up with the sun,  THAT IS YOUR SECOND CHANCE. It’s a new day, which means a fresh start.Unknown-1.jpeg

That is God, The Universe, and Nature (whichever you believe in) way of telling you; try again. That’s exactly it, you try again and you keep doing so until you’ve superseded your greatest potential. Each day is a blessing and when you’re blessed enough to see a new day don’t waste it. Take your chances.

Sometimes life can be very difficult where it looks as if all hope is lost. I believe that is why we have the night as a time to wind down, reflect, make changes and tweak ideas. By the time the sun returns the next day we are ready to take another swing at the impossible and taking one step closer to the possible. images.png

And if you’re still not convinced that each day is your second chance, turn your calendar to January 1st, 2018 and maybe we can all agree on that second chance.

Knowledge comes from experiences, learn the rules and play bettere0ce51df41bbb4eae6bcfc4a50ac8650--second-chances-love-second-chances-relationship.jpgCheers to Second Chances…