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This is my first official post of the new year and it’s only right to make it about GOALS!  Besides, resolutions are so last year. For many people, like myself, resolutions just do not work well. By February we have either already broken it or have completely forgotten what it was.

Last January (2017) I decided to do something a little different. I made a list of all of the things that I wanted to accomplish that year and the goal was to complete them by December 31st or at least come very close. It worked out so well that I decided to make it my yearly tradition. Each year I will make it a point of setting goals on the things that I would like to accomplish that year.

Here are 7 simple tips:#1: WRITE THEM DOWN: The number one and most obvious thing to do is to write it down, you are 42% more likely to achieve goals when they are written down. Last year I wrote it in the notes app on my phone. I decided against an electronic copy this year because something went wrong with my phone and I lost all of my notes. Besides what’s better than old fashion pen and paper? This year I wrote it in my monthly planner so that it is always with me as a reminder.Unknown-1.jpeg

#2: PUSH YOURSELF: Don’t just write down things that you feel is easy or know you’ll do anyway. Make realistic goals but also make ones that push you.images.png#3: ORGANIZE: Organize your list into categories. List the different categories and add the appropriate goals. This is not a must do, but it does make it easier to keep track. 

#4: HAVE A DUE DATE:  I  do some of my best work under pressure, I once wrote a 15-page research paper the night before it was due. Okay, that is a terrible example, might even be promoting procrastination. Haha… That was not the point of that statement the point is, deadlines make me more productive.  It is very important to have a deadline. If you are anything like me, you may need that added pressure to get it done. Having a deadline keeps you on track and focused on completing your goals.


#5: CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF: Make sure to revisit your list each week at the very least each month.  For those long-term goals or the ongoing ones make sure to check in by June 1st that way if you haven’t already completed it you still have 6 months left to do so.

#6: HAVE A DONE DATE: I love checking thing off my list. Once I have completed a task my favorite thing is adding that check. Sometimes the due date and done date may be the same or different. It is okay to go past the due date as long as it is not too far after. For me, it is very satisfying to get things done before it is due (when I am on my best behavior). I usually make my deadline a little earlier than the actual date this also gives me a little wiggle room. Unknown.png#7: LOOK BACK: lastly, at the end of the year take a look at all you have accomplished. Things you thought were too hard, things that were easier than expected, things that you accomplished earlier than you thought you would. It’s a great feeling, being accomplished. You will feel so good it will become a lifestyle. 


I hope you enjoyed this post on setting goals and I hope it inspires you to set your own. Head on over to my YouTube Channel for a more detailed “How To Set and Achieve Yearly Goals” with examples.