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I just recently had to order a new passport. I struggled with making a decision on where to go to take the photo, keeping in mind that they last for about 10years. This is my nature when it comes to official photographs, I want one that looks good and represents me well.
In the past, I have used CVS/Walgreens, and each time I was very disappointed and unhappy with the results. My picture usually comes out looking very pigmented, with dark circles under my eyes and around my face. They hardly ask whether you are happy with the picture or if you’ll like to take another.

They have to strive to do better when it comes to this issue, especially being such big cooperations with many chains all over the United States. They should be able to afford a much better camera and take caution when it comes to producing official photographs, especially at the prices they are charging. Due to my many frustrations with these locations, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do it myself. 

When it comes to passport pictures these are the requirements:
1. White background with no shadows
2. Forward facing
3. Smiling without teeth
4. No glasses/hearing aid unless a physician note accompanies the application for a passport
5. Everyday attire (no uniforms, religious wear is okay)
There are more detailed requirements on the Travel.State.Gov website. Those 5 requirements listed above was what I focused on.

What I did:
1. I did a natural makeup look
2. A friend took my picture using a white door as my background
3. I made sure I had good lighting, using my ring light as the source.
4. She took multiple shots of me while facing forward and looking directly into the camera. She took multiple so I could have options to choose from.
5. Once I found a picture I was happy with, I used my phone edits to get the lighting and color right. I also used the “brilliance” to get rid of all of the shadows.
6. Once I completed my phone edits, I use an app called “Perfect 365” to removed blemishes from my face and make my face a bit smoother.

7. Once I had gotten your picture exactly how I wanted it, I  took it to CVS Kiosks to print. I connect your phone to the kiosk as I would if I were printing regular photos from my phone. This time I clicked on the passport tab.
8. Follow the instructions (or ask for help) to get the dimensions in place.
9. I printed my picture and made sure I asked one of the staff members for approval. I’m glad I did because they noticed mine was a little too bright and I had to go back into my phone, turn the brilliance down and reprint.
10. After printing, one of the staff members cut the pictures in right size and shape.
11. I still had to pay $13.99 although I had done all of the work. I was okay with it because I loved my picture!!
12. Once I had my photos I applied for my passport via the post office. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on DIY Passport Photos and I hope it inspires you to create your own. Head on over to my YouTube Channel for a more detailed “DIY Passport Photo Right from the Comfort of your Home” with examples.